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Affliction Entertainment May Go Head-To-Head With UFC 100

Five Ounces of Pain is reporting that Affliction entertainment is currently in preliminary discussions regarding the possibility of putting on its third event on July 11th, which is the same date that the much anticipated UFC 100 is scheduled for. Affliction would consider hosting the event on network or basic cable television as it would be very difficult to lure away potential PPV buys from UFC 100.

If Affliction is successful at putting together their third event on July 11th then the UFC would be getting a taste of their own medicine because the UFC has become infamous with counter-programming their competitors.

In the past, the UFC counter-programmed EliteXC’s debut show on CBS last May with a tribute to Chuck Liddell, called “Ultimate Iceman”, and then the UFC quickly assembled UFC Fight Night 14, where UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva defeated James Irvin in a light-heavyweight bout, to draw interest away from the debut of Affliction: “Banned” on PPV last July. The UFC also counter-programmed Affliction’s second event, “Day of Reckoning” on January 24, by airing a replay of UFC 91 “Lesnar vs. Couture.”

Several fighters and managers have been approached by Affliction officials about the possibility of accepting restructured contracts in order to compete on the show. Affliction’s proposed July 11th event could come to fruition If enough fighters were willing to accept a pay cut and if a TV deal could be reached.

Another source is also reporting that the proposed July event for Affliction could be their last and it will be also interesting to see how many fighters accept to be on the card and compete against the UFC considering some of them might compete for the UFC in the future if Affliction does indeed falter.