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Josh Koscheck Talks Controversial Decision Loss At UFC 95

Josh Koscheck released the following statement recently on his personal blog regarding his TKO loss to Paulo Thiago at UFC 85:

“YES, I would have liked to see the ref let the fight go on a little bit more because we are all fighters and we fight until the end. Yes, I got hit hard, but felt as though I could have recovered if I had the chance. As for next time, my message to all the ref’s would be to, please let the fight go until I’m put out to sleep. . . Just so I don’t have the thought of what if, going through my mind and probably the minds of all of you, my fans. I took this fight just as if I was fighting the number one fighter in the weight class. I felt like I did everything right in the training camp to win this fight. I was in great shape, but sometimes you still come up short in life even when I have put my whole life on hold for a chance to put everything on the line in the cage for 15 minutes. I don’t think I could have done anything different in training camp to make the outcome go my way, so I guess that’s life…. I could be like a lot of other people and cry about it for weeks and months and make a big deal about it, but it’s now when the true character and discipline of a person is tested…. This is a time of challenge and controversy for me but it is my passion and I’m going to get up and do what I do best and that is go back to the gym and train to become the best. I will not make excuses for losing a fight, but yes I may get mad and yell a bit, but at the end of the day there is only one person that can control this and that’s me. So maybe someday we can do a rematch, it would make for a good fight. The training for my fight on May 23 at UFC 98 starts Monday, March 2 at 11:30am. Keep checking back for my video blog on my training camp. Road to 98!”