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UFC 99 Not An Option For BJ Penn

UFC President Dana White announced to many press outlets last week that B.J. Penn vs. Kenny Florian would headline UFC 99 in June, but according to B.J. Penn’s older brother JD, “it [UFC 99 on June 13 is] too close to BJ’s last fight. He wants to spend time with his baby…. We are still negotiating the fight. No date [is] scheduled, but we are thinking late July or early August.”

If indeed true then BJ Penn will more than likely not headline UFC 99 against number one contender Kenny Florian. If the fight does not happen until August, Florian will have been on about a nine-month hiatus from competition.

Florian has voiced some concerns to the delay of the big fight: “Schedule-wise it makes it a little difficult because money-wise, you expect a certain amount to come in and I’ve been trying to budget things accordingly,” said Florian, who earned $80,000 for his last victory. “It might be a little tougher now.”