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UFC Changes Implements New Rules In Wake Of Greasing Allegations

In the wake of serious allegations levied by B.J. Penn’s camp toward Georges St. Pierre and his cornermen surrounding the illegal use of Vaseline during their fight at UFC 95, the UFC has issued tough new policies on the utilization and application of Vaseline and other cut reduction compounds. The new policies were issued into effect immediately and implemented in time for yesterday’s UFC 95 event.

Effective immediately, cornermen operating inside the UFC will not be permitted to have any contact with Vaseline, Deep Heat, Tiger Balm, or any other greasing agent during a fight.

Camps will also be supervised backstage to ensure that no illegal greasing agents are applied prior to a fighters cage entrance.

Vaseline, which is applied to a fighters face in between rounds to help prevent cuts and slow bleeding, will be applied by specially appointed officials who have no association with either fight camp.

Consequences for violating any of these new mandates will be severe according to UFC officials.