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Karo Parisyan Lobbies Commission For Leniency

“I had a prescription for one pain pill; the other I didn’t have a prescription for. I have a very high resistance to pain pills, and I took some. I’m sorry. This is the only way I have to support my family. If I don’t fight, I’m going to be homeless by the end of the year. I’m going to try to get married in August. If I don’t fight and I get fined, my entire year — everything I was supposed to do — will just go down the toilet. Between my marriage and my house, I’ll lose everything if you take my money away. So I beg God and I’m begging you guys, please don’t do that to me.”

– Karo Parisyan talks about testing positive after his win over Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 94. Parisyan has been battling depression and anxiety attacks after suffering through injuries that have stalled his career after a defeat to Thiago Alves last year.

The uber-talented 26-year-old will next go before the NSAC on March 20 to learn his fate. Similar offenses in the past have yielded violators one year suspensions.