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B.J. Penn Calls Out Kenny Florian

“I’ve been watching the MMA news all around and Kenny [Florian] came out and said that I made that stuff up. And you Kenny if you’re going to call me a liar about that stuff then I’m going to call you on it. You’re right. It was not an email that you sent me you texted someone in the camp you told them that GSP is a big roider and big greaser and to watch out for it. And the word got to me and we got all the witnesses here who know about it. Parillo definitely knows about it because he was pissed about the whole thing for a month before the fight because [St. Pierre] was going to grease. So Kenny… I’m just saying. I’m just calling a spade a spade.”

-BJ Penn responds to recent comments made by Kenny Florian in which Florian denies informing Penn that Georges St. Pierre took steriods and was known to “grease” during fights.

Florian is currently planning to train with St. Pierre as he prepares to face Penn for the UFC lightweight championship.