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Fabricio Werdum Wants Fedor, Arlovski; Calls Out Fedor

Fabricio Werdum recently left the UFC after brief negotiations with the organization broke down. According to Werdum, who had four fights left on his contract, the UFC was willing to renegotiate his contract but didn’t offer enough to entice the former ADCC and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion.

“The UFC was very good to me,” Werdum told Tatame. “I had four more fights on my contract, but they wanted to renegotiate. I couldn’t accept what they wanted. A fighter has pride.”

And this fighter has extra helpings. Werdum called out everyone from Andrei Arlovski and Fedor Emelianenko to Brock Lesnar.

“I’ll fight anyone, but if I could choose, I’d like a rematch with Arlovski. That fight wasn’t cool, I made my debut against a former champion. Some people said that I won, and others thought that he won or we tied, but I’d like a rematch with him. Then I’d like to fight Fedor, which is what everyone wants, is the best in the world. This thing of saying that [Brock] Lesnar is the best in the world has no merit. The guy has four fights and is already the world champion? Everybody knows that Fedor is the best.

At heavyweight I think the best fighters fight for Affliction. Apart from Minotauro the UFC heavyweight division is weak. The UFC has what he wanted: two Americans to fight in the “Final”. Marketing is the most important thing to them and they’re good at it.”

Werdum doesn’t seem to think much of the UFC heavyweight division at present and believes that if he would make quick work of the UFC’s current heavyweight champion.

“I would kill Brock Lesnar. I don’t blame him because the UFC putted him in that position, but I would get him on the ground, tire him out and give him a ride. He needs more experience. He’s a little crazy, without much technique. He goes into a fight with just brute force, but then he get’s tired. I would get him in a leg-lock, a kimura I would get him. I would wait for him to tire and submit him.

As for who wins the heavyweight title? Werdum likes Frank Mir to come out on top.

“It’s difficult to say, but Mir already has a victory over him and this matters. When Mir beat Minotauro, he looked over at Lesnar and said that the belt was his. I saw that Lesnar was had this look on his face; shy, he was scared. Mir will win.”

*Special thanks to Victor Picarella for the translation.