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Dream 2009 Featherweight Participants Announced

DREAM has officially announced their upcoming schedule for 2009 and dropped the names of their featherweight Grand Prix participants. The Grand Prix is set to kick off on March 8 at DREAM 7 and will run concurrent with a welterweight Grand Prix of which the participants have yet to be announced. We’ll get those names for you as soon as they become available, but in the mean time take a look at what you can expect from DREAM in 2009.

DREAM 2009 Schedule:

March 8th: DREAM 7 – Featherweight GP 1st Round (Saitama Super Arena)

April 5th: DREAM 8 – Welterweight GP 1st Round (Nippon Gaishi Hall)

May: DREAM 9 – Featherweight GP 2nd Round (Somewhere in Kanto)

July 20th: DREAM 10 – Welterweight GP Finals (Saitama Super Arena)

September: DREAM 11 – Featherweight GP Finals (Somewhere in Kanto)

October: DREAM 12 (TBD)
December 31st: Dynamite!! (Saitama Super Arena)

Featherweight Grand Prix Participants:
Masakazu Imanari

Hiroyuki Takaya

Takafumi Otsuka

Hideo Tokoro

Wicky Akiyo

Atsushi Yamamoto

Bibiano Fernandes

Micah Miller

Chase Beebe

Joe Warren

Kim Jong Won


DJ Taiki