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Nate Diaz: "I was whooping his ass the whole fight ."

“I know I lost the decision in the minds of the judges but I really felt I was whooping his ass the whole fight and he was just holding me. Before the fight people were asking me about his pace and if I would be able to keep up with it. I felt he couldn’t keep up with my pace and that’s why he was trying to slow things down by holding on and not trying anything. I even gave him my back so he would try to do something besides hugging me. A couple of times I looked at the ref to ask him if he wanted us to fight or what? Sorry I didn’t listen to my corner and stand with him more but I never thought he would be so happy to just stall like that.”

– Nate Diaz, via, expresses his disagreement with the referee’s decision handed down in his fight against Clay Guida at UFC 94.