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St. Pierre Responds To Greasing Allegations

Georges St. Pierre addressed the controversy surrounding alleged improper Vaseline use during a post fight interview with ESPN’s MMA Live.

A member of St. Pierre’s corner allegedly rubbed Vaseline on the welterweight champions back in between the first and second rounds, setting off a member of the commission who apparently spotted the infraction and confronted the St. Pierre corner.

BJ Penn’s head trainer Rudy Valentino has formally filed a complaint with the commission who will begin an investigation into the allegations.

St. Pierre, meanwhile, has dismissed the charges as a simple misunderstanding.

“What happened is, one of my trainer, because he put Vaseline on my face, when he came back in my corner he had Vaseline on his hand and he went on the other side,” said St. Pierre. “So normally to make me breathe you want to rub my back but his hand had Vaseline from the last round.”

At that point, St. Pierre states that the commission came in and confronted his corner and that was the end of it.

Valentino contends that the greasing continued throughout the fight though he stopped short of pinning the loss on the alleged improper Vaseline use stating that St. Pierre was the better man Saturday night.