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UFC 94: Karo Parisyan vs. Dong Hyun Kim

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn 2. For our full coverage, click here.

Karo Parisyan vs. Dong Hyun Kim
Round 1: Parisyan landed a hard right early, but Kim was able to take Parisyan down. Kim and Parisyan got up with Kim jumping on Parisyan’s back, but wasn’t able to do anything. Kim continued to dominate the round on Parisyan’s back trying to cinch in the rear naked choke but wasn’t able to get in. He went for a triangle, but Parisyan was able to sneak out. Good round for Kim, 10-9 Kim.

Round 2: Kim landed a big kick early. Parisyan went for a judo throw but landed on his back. Karo was able to turn it over but they got back up to their feet. Parisyan was able to get another judo throw. Parisyan’s mouthpiece kept falling out so they paused the fight to put another one in. Much better round for Karo, 10-9 Karo.

Round 3: Kim was trying for a standing rear naked choke. Not much happened this round. Tough round to score since neither man really did anything. I’d score 10-9 for Karo.

Winner via Split Decision: Karo Parisyan (29-28 Parisyan, 29-28 Kim, 29-28 Parisyan):