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Will MMA Be The World’s Biggest Sport?

“The crazy thing about this sport is we haven’t even scratched the surface on how big this thing is going to be. I know people think I’m a (expletive) lunatic when I say this, but it’s going to be the biggest sport in the world. Bigger than the NFL, bigger than soccer, bigger than anything out there. In this country, nothing can compete with the NFL. But the NFL can’t go into other countries. Nobody gives a (expletive) about the NFL in England, Germany or any of these other places, because they didn’t grow up playing it. They don’t understand the rules. I don’t care what country you come from, what color you are, or what language you speak, at the end of the day we’re all human beings and fighting is in our DNA.”

-Dana White gives his thoughts on the future of the UFC at the UFC 95 conference call. White has made outlandish statements in the past, but this one may have some merit. I don’t know about soccer, but the UFC certainly has an opportunity to eclipse the NFL’s world wide popularity given the rest of the worlds reluctance towards embracing the oblong ball. The UFC has already tapped a nice niche for itself in the U.K. and has announced a global strategy to include Germany, The Philippians and eventually Brazil.