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Josh Barnett Defends Fedor; Says Roach Will Eat Crow

“As far as his striking not being impressive, I guess Freddie Roach is going to eat crow. It’s not like what Freddie Roach is used to and what he would normally step into a boxing ring and see across the way. Fedor’s striking for MMA is very precise and it’s been very successful for him…. The minute you push [Fedor], he doesn’t go back, he comes forward and he just immediately punches and tries to take you down. If he encounters trouble on the feet, he doesn’t try to stay and work his way out of that, he changes gears.”

-Josh Barnett talks to CageWriter about Freddie Roach’s recent blasts against Fedor Emelianenko’s striking. Roach is currently training Emelianenko’s opponent Andrei Arlovski, and is making his first foray into corning an MMA fighter. He is a boxing legend, having trained some of the best fighters in the world, but in the world of MMA Roach is still a rookie. We’ll see who eats what after this Saturday’s fight.