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Interview With Melvin Manhoef

Hi there, Melvin!

Brasil Combate in association with is very glad to interview you.

You were the Cage Rage Champion for almost two years. Tell us about that experience.

It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed that time. It was the start of bigger things and it prepared me for the K1. I won my first big title there. The atmosphere, the fans and the events were great !

You had announced your retirement from MMA but you came back to fight at Dynamite!! Which were the factors that made you change your mind?

First I decided to take some time of because of family circumstances. But my family told me to keep on fighting. Than when I got the chance to fight in The K1 GP I decided to come back. After this fight I wasn’t planning to fight in Dynamite. Only the night before the event the K1 asked me to fight Mark Hunt and I took the chance………and won.

The knockout over Mark Hunt was impressive. Did you expect and end like that?

Off course………NO JUST KIDDING! I never expected this. It was the best outcome possible. I couldn’t have dreamt that.

Congratulations. That was the first time Hunt was knocked out. You accepted that fight against a heavyweight athlete recognized for his punch and hard chin despite you usually fight in the middleweight class.

Yes, he was 45 kg heavier. Up front I was a bit worried about this big difference. I knew I had to be quick and move a lot in the ring. To be honest I won’t make it a rule to fight guys this much heavier.

You have faced the three-time K-1 Champion, Remy Bonjasky, twice. Which are his strength?

His strengths are his solid cover and the fact that he always sticks to his game plan.

Who is the best fighter at K-1 currently?

For me its Badr Hari, He is very talented, he’s young and I think he has a big future in front of him.

You beat Kazushi Sakuraba at DREAM 4 and advanced to the semifinal of the grand prix. Weren’t you worried to fight Sakuraba on the floor whereas he has excellent ability on the ground?

Yes I was worried I know he is very good on the ground, a least better than me. I really trained hard for this fight to improve my ground skills. My game plan was to keep the fight standing. It worked out!

You were doing really fine until to fight Gegard Mousasi at DREAM 6. Comment that fight, please.

It was my mistake to think that he would fight me standing. This was what he announced in all the media. But he didn’t and he worked out his plan on the ground. He got me in the triangle and it was over. I was very disappointed I lost.

Who do you train with?

Oscar Roque: fitness and cardio

Ground game: Pottielli, Frederik van Oosterom, Remco Pardoel

Kickboxing/ technique/ over-all trainer: Mike Passenier

How’s your routine of training?

Morning: fitness and cardio

Afternoon: MMA

Night: kickboxing

Will you fight for K-1 this year?

I don’t know yet. I know my next K1 fight will be the 28th of march. But I don’t know who I will fight yet.

There is an amazing video in your website which shows your little son training with you. Would you like to see him working as a pro-fighter?

No, I want him to be whatever makes him happy. It’s his life and he has to find his own way in life.

Evangelista Cyborg and you made a real war. That’d be superb if you face one another again.

It was a great fight with no losers. We probably won’t fight each other again, unless off course he gets a contract with DREAM .

You have many fans in Brazil. Send a message for BRASIL COMBATE visitors.

I think it is really great that all you guys out there in Brasil support me. I hope you keep on doing that because the support keeps me going strong and punching hard!!! Thanks.