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Greg Jackson Seminar Challenges Women

Coach Greg Jackson told the women that they were each a piece of “living history.” Dozens of female athletes, including Julie Kedzie, Kim Couture, Shayna Bazler, and Tara LaRosa, were participating in the groundbreaking 2009 GFight (HOOK n SHOOT) Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Summit in Evansville, Indiana. Jackson conducted a three-hour seminar covering all aspects of MMA, and, before dismissing everyone, he spoke from his heart, “Someday, people will look back at the people in this room as the ‘Royce Gracies’ of women’s MMA.” He challenged them to stay strong, united, and to ignore whatever personal squabbles that may arise in order to serve the greater good of all female fighters—present and future.

The weeklong convention will culminate with amateur and professional MMA tournaments on January 16th and 17th respectively. The professional competition will determine the first ever GFight Women’s Champion, and the winner will grace the cover of a new women’s mixed martial arts magazine to be launched soon.