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Coleman Calls Out Shogun At UFC 93 Press Conference

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua has waited three years to avenge his 2006 loss to Mark Coleman at PRIDE 31.

Rua lost the fight when he dislocated his elbow in an attempt to brace his fall after being taken down by Coleman just 47 seconds into the fight.

An emotional Rua called the win lucky and vowed to set the record straight when the two met again. He was upset with Coleman for celebrating as if the win were “legitimate”.

“I didn’t like the way he celebrated it like if it was a totally legit win, stated Rua.

However, Rua was very respectful at the UFC 93 press conference; calling Coleman a “legend, and expounding on what a pleasure it would be to fight the UFC Hall of Famer.

“He is a legend in this sport and it is a pleasure to fight him again,” said Rua.

Coleman, however, was not hearing it. The former U.S. Olympic wrestler called out Rua for previous comments and took a couple shots at his character.

“[Shogun] called me two-faced, said it was a lucky win and now he says he respects me. I don’t know which it is,” said Coleman. “I’ve heard he’s said I might get my leg broken. Well Shogun, if you can break it I won’t say you were lucky, I’ll say ‘good job’.”

You can catch part two of this long awaited grudge match this Saturday at UFC 93 on PPV and Internet PPV on Yahoo!