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Fightline Radio Recap: Hieron Wants GSP Rematch & More

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“The Best Damn MMA Show on the Air” w/ Carl “2 Ice Shimkin & Matthew Brothers.

Jay Hieron joined Carl and Matthew LIVE from training at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas for Fightline Radio Wednesday night.

Jay talked about his childhood, family life, adoption, and future in MMA.

Jay also commented on the buzzing debate between K-1 striking vs. MMA striking and has some interesting things to say about Badr Hari, and a possible rematch with Georges St. Pierre.

Below are a few of the highlights:

Hieron On His Current Winning Streak:

“Those last three fights [in the IFL] I was feeling better and better every camp. I do a couple different things when I’m getting ready for fights and try to out do myself. When the IFL went under I felt like I could fight with anybody and I still do.”

Hieron On The Demise Of The IFL:

“I can’t say nothing bad about the IFL, I won a title through them. But also I had done everything I could do there. I won a title; I defended it. So, it was time for me to move on anyway. I think they had great ingredients, it was working out and then they tried to change up it too much. They had the team thing, then they changed it, then they changed the ring… so it was just a bunch of changes that hurt it.”

Hieron On His Future:

“I’m 100% focused on this fight right here. After the fight we’ll sit down and see what direction we’re going to go in. Jason High is a tough dude. Anyone who puts on four-ounce gloves and puts their reputation and health on the line is a tough dude. Any thing can happen in the ring. I look passed nobody in this game. I train 100% for every fight I go into.”

Hieron On His Upcoming Opponent Jason High:

“He’s a southpaw so I’ve been sparring with southpaws. He’s a wrestler so I’ve been wrestling, but at the end of the day I want to go out and impose my will and do what I do best.”

Hieron On Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Andrei Arlovski:

“I just think Fedor’s a beast, man. This guy’s got a stone cold look in his eye. I’m a big fan. But Arloski’s definitely top of the food chain for striking in MMA. He’s working with Roach and he’s got great footwork for how big he is.”

Hieron On Choosing Affliction over the UFC:

“The UFC negotiated with me, but the money Affliction offered me was a “no turn down” situation. Plus it was a non-exclusive and that was big for me. The UFC’s a great organization though and who knows in the future what can happen, I might be fighting for them. You never know.”

Hieron On Georges St. Pierre:

He’s the best welterweight in the world. There’s no denying it with me. He’s proven it; he’s got the UFC belt.

Hieron On Georges St. Pierre Vs. BJ Penn:

“I’d give Pierre the slight edge, I think. Probably by decision. I don’t think he can finish B.J.”

Carl and Matthew also previewed this weekend’s UFC 93 card in great detail. Carl is once again going to try and “out-pick” Matthew Brothers, we’ll see what happens.

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