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Matt Serra Confirms Fight With Hughes Is On

Matt Serra has waited a long time for this.

“Originally I thought it was going to be in the fall (of 2007), then he was still hurt,” Serra told MMAWeekly about his fight with Matt Hughes. “So then I thought it was going to be in January, and then that wasn’t working because he wasn’t going to be ready until March. But I’m having my kid in March, so it’s just the way things work out.”

“I’ve got a date of May 23 in Vegas against Matt Hughes. That’s what I just found out a few days ago and it’s actually awesome.”

Serra has already started preparations for the fight, working out with Ray Longo in New York.

“I’m driving to (Ray) Longo’s right now to get my training on,” he stated. “I’m starting to weigh out. My goal is to get in phenomenal shape and then work everything from there.”

That there is bad blood between the two men is an understatement. Though the genesis of their personal issues started well before their coaching experiences on The Ultimate Fighter 6; it was certainly on full display though out the show.

Both men were intent on settling their differences in the cage before an injury sidelined Serra and Hughes fought and lost to St. Pierre in his stead.

St. Pierre followed that win with a decisive victory over Serra leaving each with a hole to climb out of in the welterweight division. With up and coming fighters like Thiago Alves, Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch and others; neither man can afford a loss and hope to stay in the title hunt.