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Editorial: It Is Not Too Late For A New New Year’s Resolution

Still wondering what New Year’s Resolution to make? How about this one? “I will become a fan of women’s MMA.” You may have excuses all lined up from previous resolutions come and failed. “I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work.” “I did it for awhile, but I lost interest.” “I’ll wait till next year.” The time to change is now! Here’s why.

Top 5 Reasons to Start Watching Women’s MMA:

5. They still have tournaments. A true test of wills, tournaments require the competitor to have multiple fights in a single evening—adding to the drama and storyline of the event.

4. Parity. Although many believe that the UFC has locked up most of the top talent available, you can find marquee guys in other organizations. However, because women’s MMA is still in its infancy, the top females have to fight each other. There just isn’t many superstar women mixed martial artists out there—yet.

3. The intensity. With few exceptions, the girls get after it! Less lay-and-pray; fewer split decisions; constant action and torrid pace.

2. Mythological Creatures. Okay, there aren’t any Minotaurs (or Minotauros, either) competing in women’s MMA, but they do have Megumi Fujii. “Mega Megu” might as well be Fedor—as close to supernatural as anyone. Although she fights in a smaller weight class, she is the biggest talent. Recognized as one of the best female grapplers in the world, her fights most often (13 of 16) end in slick submission.

1. They are keeping the “A” alive. Tired of the cloned male fighter: tattoos, skull shirt, and painted toes—acting like an ass? The Art is being put back into MMA: technique, attitude, and honor. It is women who are more consistently representing the true Warrior Spirit.

Make this New Year’s Resolution: I will watch and support female fighters. It is the same sport; it’s time to give equal credit to whom it’s due. Pick someone to follow: Tara LaRosa, Kelly Kobold, Cyborg Santos, Shayna Baszler, Lisa Ward, Angela Magana, Rosi Sexton, or Cat Albert. Who knows? By January 2010, you may have forgotten all about the men.