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Antonio Silva To Fight CSAC; Willing To Stay In Japan For Career

EliteXC heavyweight champion, Antonio Silva, was recently placed under suspension following a drug test which found traces of the steriod boldenona in his blood. The Brazilian star was promptly suspended and forbidden to fight any where in the world for one year.

Silva and his manager Alex Davis have staunchly defended his innocence claiming that Silva was given a second test which came back negative for the steriod.

“We did a second exam and it came negative,” said Davis. “And if he had used boldenone it couldn’t have a negative result, because this substance stays in your body for at least 12 months.”

Davis and Silva recently defied the CSAC’s suspension by participating at Sengoku 7, where Silva earned a victory and perhaps an even bigger battle with the CSAC; who have stated that they are considering revoking Silva’s license. But Davis isn’t backing down.

“I’m absolutely sure that Pezão (Silva didn’t take boldenona or any other prohibited substance,” Davis told “The hearing with the Commission was a joke. They didn’t listen to the evidence. I continue to completely support Bigfoot (Silva) and I accept any consequence that will come to me. But we’ll continue our fight until the end. Their hearing is to screw us, but we’re going to civil justice against them. It is the first time that this will be done and we’ll go until the end. We’re right and we’re not afraid of them; they’re wrong. They tried to coerce us (not to fight in Japan) and now they sent a letter to Bigfoot. But we’re here and we’re not going to run away. If it’s necessary, Bigfoot fights until the end of his life in Japan. That’s not a problem.”

We’ll have more on this story as it continues to develop.