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Liddell vs. Anderson Silva Update; Cro Cop Welcomed Back To UFC

Rumors that Chuck Liddell could square off against Anderson Silva surfaced early last month and tailed off after Liddell himself shot them down in a post UFC 92 interview.

Today, UFC President Dana White brought the rumor back to life, stating that the match up could still happen if Liddell can win his next fight.

“If Chuck can win in his next fight, then we could see that fight,” White told Fighter’s Only. “Liddell has been open to fighting Anderson, so maybe that can be a fight we can make.”

White also commented on recent remarks made by Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic indicating a desire to come back to the UFC.

“We will welcome him with open arms,” said White. “He is a guy that I respect, and when he left, there was really no bad blood. He needed to clear some things up, so if he wants to come back, he is welcome.”