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Anderson Silva Likelyhood Of Fight With Thales Leites At UFC 97

Anderson Silva has confirmed that he’s currently preparing for a middleweight title fight this April.

He’s long been rumored to be facing Thales Leites at UFC 97 though the fight has not yet to be officially confirmed.

“I think it will be against [Thales Leites], yes…. he will have an opportunity to fight for the belt,” Silva told “I hope he is training.”

Silva also expressed some reservations about fighting a fellow Brazilians but indicated that it won’t be an issue come fight night.

“Fighting a Brazilian is always complicated,” Silva said. “But we are professionals and we do our work.”

Silva had an uncharacteristically mediocre outing in this last performance against Patrick Cote, though he won the fight after Cote was unable to continue due to a knee injury at UFC 90.

Silva has mixed up his training in recent months, being spotted at Xtreme Couture and working with famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach. He’s in Curitiba, Brazil now, training with Andre Galvao and Ronaldo Jacare.