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An Interview Worth Listening To

When you’re the subject of two books, it’s a good bet you’re no stranger to personal demons, especially when your job title is “Professional Fighter.” Jens Pulver grew up surrounded by chaos, caught between an abusive alcoholic father, a deeply religious mother, a convicted brother, a drug addicted sister, and another brother who pursued a career in academia. By his own admission he’s “danced with the devil, held his hand, and came out on the other side to tell you what it’s like,” so there are few who have his level of street cred. Through all his trials and tribulations, Pulver kept battling and used adversity as a fuel for his intensive MMA training. But now Pulver is in the midst of one of the most tumultuous times in his life with the near-simultaneous birth of his son and the loss of his close friend, Justin EIlers.

In a recent interview with Chad Dukes on his blog site, The Fukerton, Pulver opens up about the joys of having kids, the death of Eilers, the treatment of MMA by the media, and his massive upcoming rematch with former WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber. Pulver has never been short on words, but this interview is an emotional journey about his life, loves, and pains that exceeds any interview he’s ever done. Click here to check it out at The Fukerton.