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Dana White Wants Gina Carano

According to a recent report featured on FiveOuncesOfPain, UFC President Dana White stated that he has an interest in picking up certain fighters from the ashes of EliteXC.

“These guys are wasting their time by going to these fly-by-night companies,” White said. “That’s the worst thing an athlete can do – waste time. Fighters are crazy to waste their time.”

White has made similar statements in the past, but when asked to rattle off EliteXC fighters the UFC has an interest in White threw a curveball.

“We are interested in a few people like Robbie Lawler, Jake Shields, and Gina Carano,” White said.

Dana White has recently softened his stance on woman’s MMA after being a staunch opponent, having gone as far as stating he’d be open to promoting a Carano-Cyborg matchup under the WEC banner. Woman’s MMA would take a huge step forward with acceptance and open promotion from the Zuffa organization.