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Wanderlei Silva Wants Chuck Liddell Before Dropping To 185

A couple of days ago, we reported that Wanderlei Silva’s camp had begun leaking word that their fighter would drop from light-heavyweight to middleweight.

Silva, who walks around at 215 pounds is appearently not happy with the possible move, stating that a move to middleweight would be difficult.

“It’s my normal weight,” Silva told MMAWeekly. “I never cut down too much weight for a fight. Maybe I go to fight one more time at light heavyweight, and after I go down. I am thinking I want to fight Chuck again. I want to fight with him again because I had a good match with him, and his style is a good style for me, and my style is good for him. It’s good for the show. Maybe it’s good for Dana.”

Silva is referring to UFC president Dana White, who will meet with Silva soon to determine whether his future in the organization will be as a light-heavyweight or a middleweight.

“I’m working for the UFC, I need to know what Dana wants for me,” said Silva.