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Freddie Roach On Fedor: "He’s flat-footed, has no technique."

Freddie Roach is nothing if not brutally honest. Roach recently stated that consensus heavyweight and pound-for-pound top dog Fedor Emelianenko, couldn’t fight going backwards and that his fighter, Andrei Arlovski has the advantage in striking with Emelianenko.

Now he claims that their are holes in Emelianenko’s awkward stance and striking.

“He’s flat-footed, has no technique, but he can punch,” Roach told “That always helps. He’s accurate. He’ll follow you right to the floor, so he’s aggressive. But that aggressiveness can be used to our advantage, I think.”

Roach, then went on to compare the mystique surrounding Fedor to that of Mike Tyson in his heyday.

“A lot of guys lose the fight before it starts,” Roach said. “[Fedor is] like Mike Tyson. A lot of guys are scared of him. So the mental game is so important that you can’t be scared. You have to be fearless against him.”

Roach believes that Arlovski is a good enough boxer begin a career in that sport as well and plans to start Arlovski off with low caliber opponents after his fight with Fedor.

“We’ll start off with a low-caliber opponent,” Roach stated. “I wouldn’t have 30 fights. I’d say five fights, then fight [Vitali or Wladimir] Klitschko.”

Roach also commented on Penn and Silvia, stating that Penn is the best striker in MMA and that Silva is not ready for Roy Jones Jr.