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Chuck Liddell Wants Rashad Evans; Denies Rumors About Fights With Couture and Silva

With two high-profile light heavyweight match ups on the card, UFC 92 went a long way toward straightening out the highly competitive division and defining future match ups, a point not lost on Chuck Liddell who was noticeably upset after watching Wanderlei Silva get knocked out by Quinton Jackson.

“It was a great fight…great punch,” Liddell told Raw Vegas. “Caught him good…he hits hard. I was a little surprised; I was hoping to get a another rematch later down the road with Wanderlei for a big fight, but hopefully it’ll be someone else now.”

Liddell also addressed rumors that have him in the ring with Anderson Silva.

“Not that I’ve heard of.” Liddell said. “I keep hearing about it on the internet…but I haven’t heard anything about it from the UFC and I know the guys from Anderson’s camp but they haven’t heard anything either.”

Apperently, rumors about a another rematch with Randy Couture are also premature.

“I haven’t heard anything at all about that either. That’s definitely not true. Talking about June…I’m not waiting that long to fight. I’m looking to fight in March or April.

Asked who he’d most like to face next, Liddell didn’t hesitate.

“Rashad Evans. He’s got the title…I’ll take it,” stated a confident Liddell.