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Rampage Jackson Talks Changes; Wanderlei Silva

When Quinton “Rampage” Jackson left Juanito Iberra and the US to train at Wolfslair Academy in England, he also claims to have left behind baggage that has prevented the UFC former champion from realizing his enormous natural potential.

He claims to live a spartan lifestyle now, complete with zero distractions and an overhaul of his diet and workout routines.

“My last fight was probably the best thing that happened to me,” Jackson told the Associated Press. “I got rid of some baggage, and it actually made me hungrier. I started back and trained as hard as I’ve ever trained. My cardio is the best it’s ever been. It really made me think about my career. I’m a professional athlete. I’ve got to start eating like one. I should have been doing this stuff years ago.”

Jackson, who still disputes his loss to Forrest Griffin at UFC 86, maintains that he’s the real champion and has begun acting like one in and out of the cage.

“I’m still champion. I’m not going to let some judges tell me I lost a fight,” Jackson said. “This time I trained like I’m a champion, and I’m acting like a champion. (Being) a champion isn’t only (about) the way you fight. If you’re a champion, you’re a champion inside the octagon and outside the octagon.”

Jackson was reluctant to discuss his recent highly publicized run in with police and the subsequent mental health issues that he went through, but stated that the situation has not affected his training and as he prepares for UFC 92 where he’ll face former PRIDE champion Wanderlei Silva; a man who has twice knocked him out.

“I knew that I would see Wanderlei again, especially since he signed with the UFC,” Jackson said. “I don’t see this as revenge. Revenge is a dangerous motive. I see this as my job. … This is my time to make it better. I’m a little more mature. I’m a little better with my skills. So what if he beat me back in the past? That’s what it was, the past. This is a whole new Rampage, a whole new beginning. I want my belt back, and I’m going to get my belt back. I’m going to do what I say I’m going to do.”