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Editorial: Please Don’t Make Me Cry Tonight!

I cried when the Cubs lost. That was five years ago. I cried (at least) twice that year. The other: Rampage lost (brutally) to Silva in Pride. They fought in a rematch in 2004. Silva (brutally) knocked my boy out. I cried again.

I became a fan of Rampage partly because, due to Silva’s dominance in Pride, he was the underdog. This American captivating his Japanese fans with ferocious slams and feral fighting style. His willingness to rematch Silva despite the lopsided loss he suffered in their first match. Facing Wandy for a third time, some have wondered, What’s the point?

Now, both fighters are competing for the UFC. Rampage thinks the rules, refs, and cage will help him in his quest for redemption. I hope so. Much has been written in speculation regarding Jackson’s mental state after losing the light heavyweight title to Griffin, being arrested for reckless driving in California, and firing his manager/trainer. Is he prepared to face his nemesis again? Is his mind right? He looked physically fit at yesterday’s weigh-in, but the schoolyard pushing and shoving and posturing that ensued between he and Silva does not answer any of these questions.

Unlike my Cubs, Rampage has won a title recently. Can he win the belt again? I think it’s a safe bet that he will be a champion before the Cubs are. I really do not want to cry tonight. I skipped the baseball season this year; so, I was not too disappointed when the Cubs lost in the playoffs. I will be watching the UFC pay-per-view live in the comfort of my own home. That way, no one has to see me cry in public.