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Fedor Talks Sambo Loss, Andrei Arlovski and More

Fedor Emelianenko is generally considered to be the greatest heavyweight fighter in the world. He was virtually undefeated in MMA and Combat Sambo, his countries national sport, until last month when he was defeated in a sambo match. This lead many to believe that the once unbeatable Emelianenko may be losing a step or that he may be affected mentally by the loss.

Fedor sat down with to discuss the sambo loss, his upcoming mega fight with Andrei Arlovski, and much more. Below are some of the highlights from that conversation.

Fedor On His Recent Trip To Thailand To Film A Movie:

I’m not going back there again [laughs]! When you look at Bangkok; all you see is bars, sex-tourism prospers, alot of prostitutes and transvestites. It only disgusted me as an orthodox man. To be honest, filming was tough for me. I had to change my lifestyle: I didn’t have time to train. You always have to wait when you need to do one take or the next. Although I liked the process itself. I made friends with the guys from the movie. Most of the time I would spend with Oleg Chernov and Valeriy Nikolaev. They’re very athletic guys, all our spare time we would spend in the pool and played tennis and ping pong.

Fedor On Andrei Arlovski:

Andrei lives in USA 8 years already, so I think he’s Americanized by now [laughs]! But in all honesty he’s a very good fighter, used to be a world’s champion. So I’m preparing very seriously.

Fedor On Suffering His First Sambo Defeat:

I clearly understood that I would not be able to fully prepare. And the fact that I won the Bronze did not bother me one bit. Everyone else got upset, but not me. I prepare for Mixed Martial Arts primarily and with all seriousness, so I treat Combat Sambo a bit lighter. It’s impossible to be in your optimal condition everywhere and to perform with maximum results all the time.

Fedor On Missing His Traditional NYE Fight In Japan:

The Japanese could not organize a fight. Perhaps, next year it could happen.More than likely I’ll just meet the new year with my friends and go to sleep. And I will have whatever is allowed for my Christmas fast, on the table.

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