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Reese Andy On Matt Hamill: "I’ve got him beat in all aspects of the sport."

Reese Andy recently sat down with as he prepares to face Matt Hamill on Dec. 27. He hit on a variety of subjects, including; growing up as a wrestler in Montana, his high school football days and he also gave his thoughts on his upcoming opponent.

Below are some of the highlights from that conversation:

Andy On Matt Hamill:

“Matt Hamill, he’s a strong specimen,” said Andy. “He comes forward, and I don’t see him back up a whole lot; he switches up a little bit to southpaw, appears to be heavy on top and as far as I can remember I don’t think I’ve seen him on bottom. I’ve had more time to train, and Matt Hamill’s more my style. If anything, he’s going to have a little bit of weight on me, but other than that I think I’ve got him beat in all aspects of the sport: wrestling, ground and striking. I don’t see him as a submission artist, I don’t see him as a better wrestler, I don’t see him as a better striker, he may be a little bigger, that’s about it. Other than that I’ve faced some good submission guys in the sport of MMA along with some decent strikers. I’ve trained with Rich Frankin and now that I’ve sparred with him I know what happened when he fought Matt Hamill and I’m just kind of excited to get the call to fight Matt Hamill.”

Andy On His Wrestling Background:

“I grew up in Billings, Montana,” he recalls. “It was cold, very seasonal and it was very interesting. Wrestling is very important in Montana so I got involved with that at like ten years old. I’ve got three brothers, they all wrestled, they all went to college on a scholarship and we all became All-Americans in our sport. One of my brothers played football in college; the rest of us grappled.”

Andy On His Highschool Football Days:

“I kind of knew that (I wasn’t going to have a football career) probably when I was a sophomore, I knew I wasn’t going to be a big man. I was 105 lbs as a sophomore, 145 lbs as a junior and my senior year I was like 160 lbs. I started growing late but my Dad was 6’4. I kind of peaked out at 5 foot 10 and didn’t ever really get the speed that you’d see most Division I football players have, especially for a linebacker or a running back. I had four records but they’re all shattered now (laughs). I did it because I had a passion for football, but as I was going to summer camps, regional and summer competition at nationals, I kind of knew I was going to get a scholarship in wrestling, and even though there were some small football scholarships out there, I just wasn’t going to play small ball.”