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Chuck Liddell Steers Away From Anderson Silva; Wants Jardine In March

Chuck Liddell recently appeared as a guest on the CBS syndicated radio program, “The Tom Leykis Show”.

During the broadcast Liddell stated that he will be ready to showcase all of the skills he possesses that fans have not seen in a while.

“My next fight… I don’t know, but I will come out and use all of my skills. Hopefully from here on out this style will be effective.

Liddell also steered clear of rumors that he may be facing Anderson Silva and instead appears intent on beginning a revenge tour, starting with Keith Jardine in March.

“There’s been a few names. We have Jardine listed. We want him in March.”

The fight makes sense for both men. The first fight was a stand up battle with Jardine getting the better of a gun shy Liddell who looked tentative coming off of his knockout loss to Rampage Jackson.

Jardine won that fight via decision and went on to lose his next fight in brutal fashion at the hands of Wanderlei Silva. Yes…the same Wanderlei Silva that beat up Rampage Jackson twice, only to drop one of the most exciting fights of the year to none other than Chuck Liddell.

Let’s bring this thing full circle.

Silva is facing Jackson at the end of this month. Why not give fans a rematch between Liddell and Jardine with the winner facing the winner of Silva/Jackson so we can finally sort this thing out.