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Andrei Arlovski Believes Fedor Lost More Than Just A Sambo Match

Andrei Arlovski recently revealed that he was approached by Fedor’s management about joining Fedor’s fight camp back in 2005.

Arlovski turned down the offer on the grounds that he didn’t want to fight in anyone’s shadow.

“I said, First of all, I have a lot of ambitions and maybe one day I will fight Fedor and I don’t want to be his shadow (like) most guys in his heavyweight camp,” Arlovski told MMAWeekly. “I said, ‘no thank you.'”

Today Arlovski looks like a prophet as the famous Belarus native prepares to face Emelianenko on Jan. 24 in a fight to determine the WAMMA heavyweight champion.

The fight is being hailed as one of the biggest of the year and Arlovski has some extra confidence heading into the match up as the once considered unbeatable Emelianenko recently dropped a Sambo match.

“After his loss in the Sambo tournament, I think he’s messed up a little bit,” Arlovski told MMAWeekly. “He says it’s not important, but c’mon, let’s be serious. He was unbeatable, like, five years, six years in Sambo, and he’s not unbeatable in MMA. When you lose something, of course it’s (expletive) important. For me, it’s really hard to believe that he doesn’t care about it. Of course he cares. He’s not 100 percent sure of himself.”

Arlovski went on to say that he doesn’t believe he can beat Emelianenko because he lost a Sambo match but he does believe that it shows that Emelianenko isn’t unbeatable.

“I want to beat him because of my hard work,” said Arlovski. “I have a great opportunity to change everything.”