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UFC ‘Primetime’ Tapped to Help Promote Penn/St-Pierre II

The UFC has announced that they will be adding a new television show to their SpikeTV line-up as the new show titled ‘Primetime’ will begin airing three weeks prior to UFC 94. The premise of ‘Primetime’ will be to help the UFC hype up the much anticipated re-match between BJ Penn and Georges St-Pierre on January 31st.

From the sounds of what is being reported around the MMA community, the show will act similar to HBO’s ‘24/7’ series, which helps the premium channel promote its boxing events.

Penn and St-Pierre first met at UFC 58 where St-Pierre was able to narrowly win a split decision in Penn’s return to the UFC. Many felt that the decision could’ve gone either way as Penn had inflicted the most damage during the fight but that St-Pierre had only won via points.

‘Primetime’ will make its debut on SpikeTV starting January 14th at 10:30PM ET and will air each week leading up to the January 31st showdown at UFC 94.