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M-1 Issues Statement Regarding Fedor’s Interest in Brock Lesnar

With Brock Lesnar’s big victory over Randy Couture at UFC 91, M-1 Global issued a statement yesterday that they deemed as a “preemptive strike” to both Dana White and the UFC. The statement says that M-1 does not feel that Lesnar should be considered the best Heavyweight in the world.

“In a match between Fedor and Lesnar, we do not feel that at this stage Lesnar would be able to make it out of the first round.” The statement reads.

It must be noted that the statement was on behalf of Jerry Millen, M-1’s Vice President and known nemesis of Dana White from his Pride days.

Fedor was apparently made available for interview for “select media outlets” and information from those interviews will be popping up over the next few days.

Couture himself in an interview on RawVegas following his loss to Lesnar issued the same sentiment regarding a Lesnar vs. Fedor fight saying, “Fedor would probably tear Brock up at this point.”