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Brock Lensar’s Big Win

Brock Lesnar has to be one of the biggest favored underdogs in UFC history. He was favored to win the main event over Randy Couture, but it was Couture who many expected to pull off another amazing win against someone he shouldn’t beat. Lesnar made it all sound so simple following the fight saying, “I felt that my hands were heavier than his obviously and that I can outpunch him. I’m just exstatic, I’m speechless.”

There were some tense moments for Lesnar fans though as he looked somewhat tired and tense at times. Lesnar says that it was all part of the plan, “I had to get some nerves out in the 1stRound, I was just feeling him out a little bit. We got into a couple of exchanges in the 1stRound. I felt like I overpowered him in the 1stRound and I came back to the corner, my guys said loosen up and start throwing.” Lesnar continued.

Things seemed to have changed with the cut that was opened up over Lesnar’s eyebrow and as Lesnar explains it, “First blood he got on me but it kinda pissed me off too, so I said well I guess we’re just going to stay up here.”

Stay up there he did because the punch that he landed dropped Couture and allowed Lesnar to follow up and continue to reign down hammerfists. This time he didn’t make the same mistakes that he did against Frank Mir as the referee was forced to step in and stop the fight.