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Dana White "Surprised" by Randy Couture’s Weight

Brock Lesnar weighed in at his usual 265-lbs. which is the weight limit for the Heavyweight division. Randy Couture on the other hand weighed in at 220-lbs. I wrote yesterday on the weigh-in results that I was a little surprised but it seems as though UFC President Dana White was as well. I was surprised that Couture came in at 220.” White told ESPN’s MMA Live.

If you look at Couture’s weight at the last two weigh-ins that he’s been at for a Heavyweight match, he weighed 228.5-lbs most recently for his match against Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 74 and then 222.5-lbs in his comeback fight with Tim Sylvia.

“I thought he was going to be more 225, in between 225 and 230. Interesting. Maybe he’s thinking about staying light on his feet, and making Brock work and move around.” White continued.

From the weigh-ins, it’s clear that Couture wants to be able to be light on his feet and make Brock move and stay busy. The pace will certainly be high and Couture is banking on the fact that he’ll be able to wear Lesnar out and ‘impose his will’ on him.