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Randy Couture’s Exit Strategy

The UFC Heavyweight champion is 45-years old and will not have fought in nearly 15 months. Still, Randy Couture is America’s fighter, similar to how the Dallas Cowboys are America’s team. With an imposing task of taking of the UFC’s brightest up-and-coming star in Brock Lesnar, Couture will look to impose himself tomorrow night at UFC 91.

Time isn’t on his side, no matter what anybody says, Couture knows that. “I realize I can’t fight forever but there’s light at the end of that tunnel.” Couture told The Sun.

It makes sense that Couture has spent the last couple of years building up both himself and his brand, Xtreme Couture. Jordan Brand is a division of Nike, similar to how Xtreme Couture is a division of Affliction.

“I’ve basically created a brand through fighting and I’ve tried to rally that brand into other things.” Couture said about his Xtreme Couture brand. Regardless of how his issues with Affliction pan out, Xtreme Couture has made it as a brand.

If there’s one thing that Randy Couture doesn’t want to do, it’s set a timetable on when he plans to retire from MMA for good. “I haven’t set any dates or limits.” Couture explained.

The odds are stacked against Couture in his first fight back into the UFC after a long and public battle against the company that has signed his paychecks for the last 11 years. We’ll have to wait and see if Randy Couture can once again withstand the test of time.