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New UK Promotion Rises From The Ashes Of Elite XC

The following statement was made on, the home site of the new show founded by Dave O’Donnell of Cage Rage fame:
From the promoters behind Cage Rage and Fighting Hurts comes Ultimate Challenge UK, a bigger, faster, tougher MMA experience delivering all the drama, glory and full contact fighting from the best of British fighters.
Ultimate Challenge UK kicks off with an explosive line up at ‘Bad Breed’, The Troxy, Commercial Road, London on Saturday 6th December featuring title fights between James Mc Sweeny VS Neil Grove and Tom Watson VS Matt Ewin.
Dave O’Donnell, Director, Ultimate Challenge UK, said: “This is our chance to put fighting first, delivering more excitement, bigger events and all the drama of full contact fighting that the fans have been waiting for. We are no longer affiliated with Cage Rage or EliteXC and have made the decision to found Ultimate Challenge UK to ensure we retain complete control of our future. Ultimate Challenge UK allows us to deliver professional, high profile MMA events and continue to represent the best of UK MMA to a global audience.”
“We started out in this business on our own and now, older and wiser, we are back on our own. I can’t comment on EliteXC or Cage Rage for legal reasons, but I can say that Ultimate Challenge UK has the support of the UK’s top MMA fighters. Ultimate Challenge UK’s first event is lined up at The Troxy in December where title fights between James Mc Sweeny VS Neil Grove and Tom Watson VS Matt Ewin headline a packed fight card including JD Hlyton, Lee Alliss, Jason Young, Dyson Roberts and the French superstar Mohammed Kacher .”
Following the success of the knockout reality MMA show ‘Fighting Hurts’ broadcast on Nuts TV, Ultimate Challenge UK can confirm that a second series will be in production in 2009.


The inaugural show will take place in what was previously the home of Cage Rage and appears to have a large proportion of Cage rage’s fighter roster too. With the sale of fighter contracts recently disputed in unity by fighters’ management, and promotions formerly purchased by EXC sure to pop up under another name, there appears to be little left to salvage of the remains of the fallen company.