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UFC Would Give New York Big Money

That’s the selling point that Zuffa, LLC. and the UFC are trying to put across to the New York State Athletic Commission. A recent study that was funded by the UFC but conducted by HR&A Advisors can be seen at, which is a website that was put up by none other than the UFC.

According to the study, a UFC event that could be held in Buffalo, NY would generate $11.5 million dollars in what they call “net new” economic spending, in addition to $5.2 million dollars in economic activity.

With the economy on a continued downward spiral, it’s a smart side to take when trying to get your sport sanctioned in the world’s largest market.

The UFC has made it clear that they want to hold an event in New York sometime in 2009, but they still have to get sanctioned. Although they do have people backing them and they have paid for lobbyists to help their cause, the UFC still has an uphill battle before they get the green light.