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Paulo Filho’s Disappearing Act

Anyone who watched WEC 36 on Wednesday evening expected more from a guy who then had an undefeated record and held victories over the likes of: Kazuo Misaki, Ryo Chonan and Murilo Rua. Now with a 16-1 record following his lopsided unanimous decision loss to Chael Sonnen, the day after coming in 5 pounds overweight, many are left wondering if Filho’s desire to fight has just simply disappeared.

“(Chael Sonnen) went there and did his job to neutralize me and that’s what happened,” Filho told Brazilian magazine Tatame.

I’m not so sure if Sonnen neutralized Filho, it seemed more like he was having sparring practice with a fighter who had never been in a professional MMA fight before. Paulo Filho was a world renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter with heavy, but wild hands.

The good sign for Filho is that he knows he needs to improve his game and that’s why he’s moving out to Los Angeles. It could probably be assumed that Filho will train with his former training partners in Anderson Silva and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira as he did when they were both exclusively training in Brazil.

“(In) Brazil we hadn’t (had) a good training camp, and here [in Los Angeles] I believe we’ll have a high level training.” Filho added.