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Anderson Silva Wants To Fight At UFC 91

Anderson Silva has heard the criticisms; he was toying with Cote, he looked tentative. Cote himself went as far as to suggest that Silva was afraid of Cote’s power. Silva, who has run through the best fighters in the UFC’s middleweight division, has received criticism from everywhere, including some in the Brazilian media.

To be fair, the Brazilian superstar clearly won both of the rounds in which the two men fought. He danced around the ring a bit as he attempted to distract Cote and find an opening but was ultimately unable to send the iron-chinned French-Canadian to the mat, leading fickle MMA fans to question his style. Silva has remained silent on the topic for the most part, but, according to Dana White via the Las Vagas Review-Journal, he is not a happy camper.

“He’s flipping out,” said White. “He wants to fight again, like, on Nov. 15. He’s (upset) about his performance and he wants to fight again immediately.”

It’s highly unlikely that Silva will fight on Nov. 15 at UFC 91 for a number of reasons. It would also be extremely difficult for the UFC to find a suitable opponent in just two weeks. It is also believed that the UFC would like to pit Silva against Chuck Liddell sometime early next year, likely in England.