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Dan Lauzon vs Chris Horodecki In Jeopardy?

While the Dan Lauzon vs Chris Horodecki fight at Affliction 2 on January 24th has officially been signed, there is a small possibility that this fight could get derailed.

Lauzon (10-2) is scheduled to fight Justin “The Sledge” Hammerstrom (7-7) at WCF 5 on Nov. 14th in Wilmington, Massachusetts. What if he loses?

That is exactly what Carl “2 Ice” Shimkin and Matthew Brothers asked Dan in their EXCLUSIVE interview with him and his opponent on Fightline Radio last night.

Dan confirmed that he is officially under contract with Affliction and that he had to get permission from them to fight Hammerstrom on the WCF 5 card on Nov. 14th. He then went on to say this:

“If I lose then I think my contract might be out the window, but it’s a risk you gotta take. I don’t wanna have that ring rust which is why I wanna fight so bad. I don’t wanna have such a layoff and then go into a fight with Horodecki… I’m just staying confident, I don’t plan on losing. I’m looking to come out and win… I gotta a date and I don’t plan on losing on the 14th and letting that slip away.”

While Lauzon is heavily favored, and Affliction will probably go through with the Horodecki fight even if Lauzon loses on Nov. 14th— a devastating loss by Lauzon could lead Affliction to look for another opponent.

No matter what happens though, our Fightline Radio hats go off to Lauzon and Hammerstrom for encapsulating “the old school fighter”.

Hammerstrom will be fighting for the second time in just 3 weeks (he submitted Todd Solek at Full Force Productions Untamed 24 on October 25th), and Lauzon will be fighting just two months before his scheduled fight with Horodecki on Jan. 24th.

For anyone who wants to attend the 14 fight extravaganza (WCF 5) on November 14th in Wilmington, Massachusetts, you can buy tickets at

For anyone who missed Fightline Radio’s “The Best Damn MMA Show on the Air” Episode 9, you can hear the full interviews with Dan Lauzon and Justin Hammerstrom by going to:

or click on the Fightline Radio Link at the bottom of this article.

“2 Ice” and Brothers also recap UFC 90 and talk about the state of the Heavyweight division in the UFC.

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