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Anderson Silva Felt That He "Broke" Patrick Cote at UFC 90

Anderson Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, talked to about what happened at UFC 90 and had this to say, “Anderson felt like he broke him at the end of the 2nd round when he had him in the clinch kneeing him to the ribs. He walked into the 3rd round telling his coaches, ‘I got him now. I broke him!’ He was planning on finishing the fight in the 3rd round.”

When Silva did attack Patrick Cote, everybody could see that Silva was too accurate of a striker for Cote. Although Cote did take a lot of damage at certain points of the fight, it left many wondering why Silva wasn’t more aggressive.

“They trained to feel him [Patrick Cote] out for a round or two and try to take advantage of any opportunity.” Soares explained.

In terms of what’s next for Silva? Obviously he would like to avenge his loss to Yushin Okami, but Silva also wants to get back in action as soon as possible.