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Patrick Cote On Anderson Silva: "I think he was scared to exchange with me."

Patrick Cote sat down with after his fight with Anderson Silva and an interesting take on the way the fight went down:

“I was in the best shape of my life,” said Cote. “I was ready to go and I think that I proved to everybody that this guy’s not unbeatable. I think I fucked him up really bad. My game plan was good and I think he was scared to exchange with me. I received all his best punches and all his best knees and I was still there.

Not to suggest that Cote didn’t show a tremendous chin and a lot of heart, but he was definitely affected by some of those shots if he thinks he got the better of Silva last Saturday. His comments, however, may earn him another shot at the title and perhaps and angrier more aggressive Anderson Silva, who doesn’t take disrespectful acts or comments lightly.