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Dana White Welcomes Kimbo Slice to "The Ultimate Fighter"

When UFC President Dana White was asked if he would consider offering Kimbo Slice a UFC contract, he responded by saying, “he can be on The Ultimate Fighter. What’s he done other than get 10 million hits on YouTube, what’s he done to deserve to be in the UFC? Nothing. I don’t consider him a real athlete. He won’t win The Ultimate Fighter. The offer’s out there if he wants to take it, but he won’t win it.”

If Kimbo Slice was serious about Mixed Martial Arts, he would probably take Dana White up on that offer and prove that he could beat guys that he should beat and earn his way into the Octagon. Unfortunately that probably won’t happen considering Slice made a cool $500,000 for his 14 second loss to Seth Petruzelli. Going from making $35,714 a second to making six figures for an entire contract would not be a smart business decision.

We’re not talking about business though, we’re talking about Slice’s true desire to be an MMA fighter. Even his own trainer Bas Rutten admits that he wanted Slice off of main events and on the undercards to start his MMA career, but the freight train that was the Kimbo Slice hype would not allow that to happen.