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Does Anderson Silva Deserve the Backlash for UFC 90?

I’ll admit that when Anderson Silva first entered the Octagon, I wasn’t his biggest fan because my perception of him being an “outsider”. Yes it’s ridiculous that I of all people would feel that way considering that it was Pride that had gotten me interested in MMA. There has been a lot of criticism directed at Anderson Silva following the strangest main event in UFC history.

It is my opinion that the UFC has struggled to market someone who Dana White himself has proclaimed is “The best pound-for-pound fighter in the world”. Maybe his inability to speak fluent English has hampered his popularity with casual MMA fans, but with the UFC Countdown and All-Access heading into UFC 90, I think the UFC did what they should’ve done after he beat Rich Franklin the first time, allow everyone to see the other side of the world’s baddest man.

Everybody got to see Anderson Silva outside of the Octagon, which showed the MMA world that we have been missing out on a lot.

Anderson Silva set out to put on a show at UFC 90 and he did what he could with what was presented to him. I absolutely will not point the finger at either Silva nor Patrick Cote for what happened at UFC 90 because it was a freak accident, but to blame Silva for not taking Cote seriously is absurd.

“This is not a job where you can come play around. … That’s why I’m champion. I don’t come to play around.” Silva said after the fight.

After 27 fights in his career and who knows how many sparring sessions Silva has had, he of all people would know best how much he can entertain and how much he can’t. If Silva would’ve ended the fight with a knockout, nobody would be saying anything about Silva.