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UFC 90: Thiago Alves vs. Josh Koscheck

Round 1: Alves rocked Koscheck early with a left hook and nailed Koscheck with a flurry of punches, but Koscheck was able to recover. It almost looked over right there. Alves hit a head kick and Koscheck answered with punches. scores the round 10-9 for Alves.

Round 2: They stayed standing early in the round and Koscheck nailed Alves with a head kick. Alves kept nailing Koscheck with leg kicks. Finally with a little over a minute left in the round, Koscheck shot for a takedown but Alves defended it. Closer round, but scores it 10-9 for Alves due to the leg kicks.

Round 3: Early in the round, Alves rocked Koscheck and it almost looked over again but Koscheck was able to recover. Koscheck got poked in the eye and took a minute to recover. Shortly after, Koscheck accidentally poked Alves in the eye and he needed a moment. Alves nailed Koscheck with a hard leg kick that almost swept Koscheck off of his feet. Koscheck kept attacking and Alves nailed Koscheck with some hard shots to end the round. Apparently Alves didn’t hear the buzzer and kept fighting and the referee had to tell him that it was over. Another 10-9 round for Alves.

Winner via unanimous decision (30-27,29-28,30-27): Thiago Alves