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EliteXC Cleared By Florida State Boxing Commission

In the “too little too late” category, MMAWeekly is reporting the the Florida State Boxing Commission cleared EliteXC in their investigation of the Kimbo Slice – Seth Petruzelli fight. According to their findings, nothing illegal took place in the fight.

Dana White, however, maintained that he knew for a fact that EliteXC would engage in fight tampering in an interview with Yahoo! Sports.

“I know for a fact it was (done),” White said. “They’re bad guys. Fight tampering. You start tampering with fights. A promoter should not be talking to a fighter about any fight strategy whatsoever … You wouldn’t have me in a public blog saying the FBI should be investigating them right now if I didn’t know it.”

Many attribute the investigation to the closing of EliteXC. Because of the investigation, Showtime pulled out of negotiations to purchase EliteXC and filed a breach in its loan to the company, claiming that they did not maintain enough of a bank account balance. Pro Elite proceeded to file for bankruptcy.