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Fedor’s Manager Vadim Finklestein Addresses Dana White

Vadim Finklestein is well known in MMA circles as the man who manages Fedor Emelienenko, perhaps the greatest fighter in the world. Finklestein took exception to a piece we ran a few days ago in which Dana White stated that the door is wide open for Fedor to come to the UFC and face Randy Couture. Below is Finklestein’s official response:

Dana says UFC’s doors are wide open. Maybe they are. But these doors also shut tightly once the fighter signs with the organization. Randy Couture came back to the UFC and what now?

Instead of fighting the best in the promotion he has to fight a young upstart with 2-1 pro-record. Couture might not survive all the three contractual fights. I’m afraid that’s being made in order to finish the star which is Randy and not let him fight Fedor.

I said it many times – we are ready to make this clash happen in any shape of joint event.

This bout is the most anticipated event in the world of MMA. But Fedor will not sign to the enslaving terms of the UFC contract while UFC won’t agree to make compromise.

Why would Fedor need to prove anything to anybody? He’s already defeated 4 ex-UFC champions and twice UFC Interim champion in Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.
According to White there are guys better than Tim Sylvia. Well, who are they?

Looking at the world rankings one can conclude it is Fedor himself, Couture whose situation I discussed above, then it’s Nogueira, Josh Barnett and Andrei Arlovski. To face off with Josh or Andrei there is no need for Fedor to come to UFC. He’ll fight them at Affliction.

I truly believe Dana White did more for MMA than anybody else, but at the moment he is the one who hinders the sport’s progress. He seems like a man with a big tasty pie who’s afraid that someone comes and bites a piece of it.

All we want is mutually beneficial cooperation but the old conditions offered by UFC are simply unacceptable.